Wow your Life Detail (pdf)

When my best friend Kevin died, my mind kept recalling the numerous conversations we shared. He was my meditation instructor, my higher thinking debate partner. He was my water in the dry, cold, dark, scary desert. We were like two peas in a pod. It wasn’t that we spent lots of time together, but that the time we spent was invested in challenging one another, helping one another and seeing the greatness in one another. I never got a chance to tell him how he changed my life. He had a crystal clear mission in his life, to make a positive impression on the people he encountered. How do I remember him? The exact way I remember him matches the inscription on his tombstone “Here lies a thinking Christian”

It is a FACT that you will leave this earth one day....
What do you desire to leave behind?
How will they know you were here?

Will your alma mater receive a huge check from your estate? Will your childrens childrens children tell the stories of your integrity, your success, your amazing kindness?

Crafting your own personal legacy statement allows the proper perspective on day to day activities......