It was back in 1992 I was a 19 year old college dropout. I’d barely made it through my freshman year, and was kicked out the 1st semester of my sophomore year. The only thing I could do was get a job. And as you might expect, 3 months became a year, which became 3 years…which became 5 years!! – During this 5 year hiatus, it seemed as though I failed. My attitude was of one who felt like a failure. At this time my work was a backbreaking factory position. I worked a 12 hour night shift. Occasionally the newspaper kid would deliver a paper to my door and on this particular day, he did just that. As I ate breakfast, I read the paper and this teeny tiny ad completely CHANGED MY LIFE.

The ad offered individuals free tuition at a local university. The requirement was to complete a FREE self-esteem course. This little ad was my way back to college, back to becoming a college graduate, back to realizing my educational goals and my life vision.

When you decide now to WOW your LIFE and create your Personal Strategic Plan, you will transform your time, energy and efforts into creating and living your Ideal Life....

Why not invest in yourself, secure your position, do the work and begin now creating your Ideal Life. When you have a clearly written mission statement, you have a driving passion that wakes you long before your alarm clock!!

Mission Statement:
If you feel lost.....It will DIRECT YOU
If you feel stuck...It will UNSTICK YOU
If you feel overwhelmed.....it will GIVE YOU PEACE
If you desire to have a great life....it will FREE YOU

Your choice:
6 one on one personal sessions only $299 or
DIY Workbook $20