I had to make Dr. Michaels understand my journey. He needed to know that when I when I went to the back of the class and stood up, it wasn’t because I was didn’t care. It was because I did. During my senior year, some 9 years after I started college, I worked the night shift….11pm – 7am, had classes from 8am –noon, then worked part time from 3pm-7pm. As you might imagine, I was one sleep deprived individual….but I had a vision of my life 10 years down the line, and a driving mission. So after class, I explained to Dr. Michaels that by the time I got to his class I usually had been awake for some 20 hours. He was a caring and understanding professor. The very next class, he had a cup of coffee waiting for me and a big smile. When you believe in your vision and your actions line up with it, people stand in the gap ready to help bring it to fruition…

Without a VISION, the people will PERISH....
Your personal vision statement answers the question: "What will my success look like"?

Without a vision, perish....with a vision THRIVE
Without a vision, lost.......with a vision DIRECTION
Without a vision, lacking......with a vision PURPOSE

Isn't it time to put that dreams, goals and plans to use to create and

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